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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fun Things to say to violators, cityits, and others

I know the handcuffs are tight. They are new. If you wear them for a while, they will loosen up.

Ok, run if you want to. You’ll just go to jail tired.

Have you ever thought of taking up golf?

New Mexico. You need to go to new Mexico. They have great fishing there.

Q “Does that dog work for the Division of Wildlife?”
A “Only on command.”

Q “When did they let you guys carry guns?”
A “In 1895, when the agency was formed.”

Q “Where are all the fish?” A “I’d get close to the water.”

Q From an ATV Rider: “There are no elk around here! Where are all the elk? I’ve been riding for 8 hours and have not seen a thing!”
A “Well sir, the hunters are not having any problems.”

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